The little ones would like to share some of their favourite recipes, and maybe some not so favourite.

Banana Cake

More culinary delights from the little ones of tummy mountain. They truly are experts in the kitchen. Today they would like to share with you their secret recipe for banana cake.


1. Bananas
2. Cake


This recipe is best attempted when parents are not in the room.

1. Peel all the bananas - it doesn't matter how many the recipe asks for - just peel all of them.

2. Then squeeze the bananas in your hands so all the squishy banana bits go through your fingers.

3. Stare at the squishy banana bits in utter amazement.

4. Hold hands up to other little ones and make them understand about the amazing squishy bananas on your hands until you realize that you no longer like squishy bananas all over your hands.

5. Run out of kitchen and wipe squished bananas into the hall carpet thoroughly.

6. Scrape remaining banana and carpet fluff into bowl.

7. Pour great quantities of herbs and spices into the bowl too. It doesn't matter what the herbs and spices are. Preferably you should empty out each bottle. Optional: Any sauce will make a lovely garnish at this point. 

8. Follow any remaining directions from the Small One who is pretending she can read the cook book.

9. Add sprinkles

10. Put mixture bowl outside in the sunshine and forget for two hours.

11. Return and discover that the ants are very happy indeed.

12. Bring bowl and ants back into house and try to wash ants out in the bathroom.

There is no step 13 - unluckily for the little ones they were discovered at this point and were not able to complete their recipe.

Yet they would like to encourage other little ones out there to follow their example and see what variations of this wonderful Banana Cake recipe they may create for themselves.

They guarantee that results will always be surprising.

Breakfast for Manatee

Wee Small does not have a teddy bear, or a doll. She does not want one. Wee Small has a Manatee. He is very round and very cuddly and his name is Manatee.

Manatees graze on sea grass.
Being on tummy mountain we do not have sea grass readily available, yet Wee Small has solved this problem.

recipe of the day

"Breakfast for Manatee"

ingredients: dried seaweed (nori for sushi)

1. tear up seaweed into itty bitty shreds getting on clothes and floor and kitchen.
2. put remaining bits of seaweed into a bowl
3. carry bowl to table leaving a trail of seaweed through the house.

serves 1 Manatee


(update: Wee Small has just informed me that Manatee also eats wet seaweed.)

magic recipe


1. green leaves
2. grass
3. purple flowers
4. feathers
5. bark


1. mix all ingredients together

2. say magic words

3. start flying

Wee Small says "makes me fly and it makes me do it forever"

recipe of the day

today the little ones are making salt and pepper oranges.


1. salt
2. pepper
3. oranges


shake way too much salt and pepper onto oranges.

Favourable reviews have been received for this dainty recipe.
CurlyfrySC's Collage writes; "My mouth puckered reading that recipe!"
Mouth watering indeed!

something quick for special occasions


1. raw egg
2. handfuls of lawn


mix  handfuls of lawn and raw egg in a glass.

(note: a very difficult recipe)