Monday, April 6, 2015


The little ones love an Easter Egg hunt, but the Easter Bunny had put all the eggs in the long grass (what was he thinking!) and it really did become a hunt. I had to help as the little ones were not doing too well at finding them. In fact I wasn't doing too well at finding them. Silly Easter Bunny.

I think the ants and the sun might find them.

Anyway we retrieved enough to make even The Smallest of Them All happy. Now comes the counting and talking about which egg will be eaten first and in which order. All except for Wee Tiny who just plows straight in and has egg all over her face, fingers and clothes and is now looking longingly at the others' eggs.

Happy Easter to you, your little ones and your families.



Martha said...

Dances with Easter Bunnies....

TummyMountain said...

Celebrating after a hard day's work perhaps

Martha said...

I like them. Can I come over and draw with you?