Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Often as I spend the day rushing about hither and thither and wonder where the minutes and hours go by I catch a glimpse of the little ones on tummy mountain engaged in some kind of imaginary game that lasts for hours and hours, unfolding and evolving into something wonderful. We are in the same space but operating in two different time zones and I think their time zone is better than mine - it seems more fun and relaxed.

Occasionally fragments and phrases drift from their world into mine - I only hear these bits in isolation - I do not know what these phrases mean in the story that is going on in their heads, but I particularly liked this one;

"Emily hitched up the elephant onto her back...she was very strong...and carried him to the castle..."

No doubt she is strong I thought.

I liked the wee pause as The Small One just had that moment of doubt - perhaps... perhaps she was thinking could Emily really lift up an elephant, and how to continue the game from this impossible scenario.

Impossible scenario?!? - What nonsense!! - There are no impossible scenarios in childhood! The solution is simple; Emily is very strong.

And I think Emily is a pony.

A very strong pony.

Monday, March 3, 2014


I have baked one of my favourites - cat food pie. It is not cat food. It is pie, and it has a happy face on it  - as all little ones will confirm that food tastes better if it looks good or happy. Until they discover there is disgusting green vegetables hidden inside. Which the little ones say tastes like cat food.

Eventually though, all this brazen cooking of healthy vegetables is only so much that a cluster of little people can take, and I can sense the stirrings of dissent and revolution in the tummy household. I am apprehensive as nations have risen and fallen on a mutual dislike of celery.

The demands start pouring from the unhappy little ones. They have decided that when they grow up they are not going to eat green vegetables ever and they going to eat chocolate when ever they want.

"All day long!" yells Wee Little.

"And we won't have to ever put anything away!'

"And we won't do anything else they don't want to do!"

There is lots of ferociously happy cheering at this point

What can I do? I have decided to join their revolution.

the pie that started a revolution