Thursday, January 16, 2014

stretching and yawning

Now that tummy mountain has woken up from a very long snooze, like waking from a long afternoon nap in the afternoon sun only to find that some small people have taken your socks off and drawn happy faces on your toes, it is time to do some kind of spring cleaning, even though it isn't spring anywhere in the world - except perhaps in the lounge room where everyone is springing up and down on the furniture, and making me lose track of what I am talking about.

Which is some kind of sale at crazy bargain prices guaranteed to induce mania with the kind of loud shouty voices that make you switch station on the radio to hear something soothing instead - yes, that kind of a sale.

Stay tuned to Radio Tummy for more details!


Thursday, January 9, 2014

It is early in the new year. It feels like a good time for tummy mountain to wake up from it's deep slumber and wipe away the sleep in the eye, stumble out into the bright light and have a cup of tea. It promises to be a big year - how can it not? There are already hedgehogs, bumble bees and the little ones playing out in the sun.