Sunday, October 19, 2014

such love

The love of your little ones for you when they make you a cup of tea... that one should overlook the technicalities of tea making and the taste and drink it all in appreciation.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

the things that little ones say can catch you off-guard.

Wee Golden's mother just popped in to say hello on tummy mountain and have a cup of tea. Whilst pouring the tea I casually inquired as to the health and well-being of her son Wee Golden. I have not seen him for quite a while and I have always been fascinated by his observations.

She replied that while Wee Golden has been in perfect health he has been rather fascinated by thoughts of a strange nature.

"How so?" I asked
"Well," she replied "He asked me if I had ever been dead before."

I thought that was an unusual question, and I thought the answer was likely to be no.

"Why did he ask that?"
"I don't know" Wee Golden's mother replied, "but he wanted me to promise him something."
"What kind of promise?" I asked.
"He said 'Mum, if I die before you, when I am in my coffin, can you stuff my mouth full of prawns.' "