Sunday, September 21, 2014

2015 - a year on tummy mountain

The all new "2015 a year on tummy mountain" calendar is out now!

Features include:

All twelve months!
Even September!

I was thinking to myself what should I write here and I had a wee peak at what I wrote several years ago for the 2010 Calendar and thought that was great! Why be a fount of creativity when I can regurgitate the past and call it nostalgia. So in the spirit of laziness and armed with copy and paste I bring you the all new 2015 Calendar!!! with this text blast from the past;

The little ones do not understand why people use calendars. The little ones don't know what they want to do in an hours time, let alone a few months. The idea seems a bit strange to them, and they approach calendars with a wee bit of suspicion. In the past they believed that calendars told the future, but now they know that isn't true.

As Wee Small says "How can they know the future. They can't even talk."
Wee Tiny has been looking at it "for hours" (let's translate that as really about 50 seconds) and it "doesn't spoke once!"

There you have it. Calendars - future telling wonder devices? Or a preposterous pile of poppycock?


Friday, September 12, 2014

One Wonders Why

It seems as though it is nothing but food around here of late.
I suppose we do love our food on tummy mountain.
I suppose as parents we try to help our little ones in the ways of the world.
And sometimes those little ones develop their own variations.

For example, Wee Small loves to eat apples. When she has finished she does not take her plate out and put the apple core in the bin. Instead she gets paper towels from the cupboard and wraps the apple core up leaving it on the plate like some strange parcel. It takes more effort to do this than put the apple core in the bin.

"Why do you do that?" I ask Wee Small
" I don't know." she replies.

This must be one of life's mysteries.