Friday, August 1, 2014

tummy mountain - always the home of the latest in ground breaking technology.

The little ones are very current with their grasp of technology here on tummy mountain. They have abandoned those silly old fashioned string and tin can telephones for the latest in consumer technologies.

I must say that most of the little ones were quite content with the string and tin cans, but The Small One (who is always ready to help others do things her way) convinced them that they needed a better connection. This lead to plastic buckets connected by rope.

I can only suppose that this is their equivalent of upgrading to high speed broadband.

After the rope and buckets were tied together  I asked them how they were going with connecting to the internet. As we were in the garden most of them just looked about at the trees and the ground. They were not too sure where the internet actually is.

Then The Small One said

"Once I had a dream I went to the internet. It was up in the clouds."

With that hard question solved the little ones were now doing the seemingly easy task of connecting their bucket-phone to the sky.

Even on tummy mountain we feel the relentless march of progress.



Martha said...

I believe I've been in the clouds before, but I didn't see any internet up there.

TummyMountain said...

Neither have I. It is all very strange.