Tuesday, August 19, 2014


There were tears today in the tummy mountain household. Wee Tiny was upset as the Tooth Fairy forgot to come. Let me assure everyone that has never happened before.

Wee Tiny had been very careful with the tooth - putting it in a little hand-sewn tooth pocket that Wee Small made for her.

Wee Small made Wee Tiny the pocket as last time Wee Tiny had a tooth fall out she kept it really safe - but not under her pillow as you would expect. She kept it really safe under the bathroom door.

When the bathroom door opened it dragged the tooth along making a piercing scratching noise before shattering the tooth into tiny pieces. There were tears that day too.

I am sure the Tooth Fairy is quite upset that she forgot and will be back tonight. I am really sure of that.


Martha said...

Perhaps so many teeth were lost the other day that the Tooth Fairy will be working overtime just trying to catch up. And maybe, just maybe she will leave a little something extra to make up for the tears.

Life can be rough for the Tooth Fairy too. I'm pretty sure of that.

TummyMountain said...

Who knows what the tooth fairy does with all those teeth?