Sunday, February 9, 2014

less higgledy piggledy, more whoosh!

Okay. Despite a lot of fanfare it may seem that nothing has happened. Well that could be true. But in the background the wee ones of tummy mountain have completed a big spring cleaning festival - even though it isn't spring anywhere (though the little ones tend to think of spring as more about jumping and less about the season.)

We have trimmed away some things and freshened up others. The main thing that has happened is that just about every art work now fits into a standard frame. They kind of did before but it was a little bit higgledy piggledy. Even though we love higgledy piggledy we need to be more streamlined and jet set in this futuristic world of ours. Maybe tummy mountain will need to be on roller skates to keep up. I think I rambled off the point...

The point is now just about all the big tummy size prints fit nicely into any standard frame (like an 11 x 14 with an 8 x 10 mount window) and the little tummy prints will fit snugly into an 8 x 10 frame with a 5 x 7 mount. We love the word snugly.

Which means we are just about ready for the sale. Stay tuned to Channel Tummy.


Martha said...

I'm not sure if my Tummy Mountain print is higgeldy piggeldy or whoosh, but My Darling put together a very nice frame and the couch jumpers are visible from where I sit. They make me smile and remember spring.

Perhaps one day soon I shall put in an order for another print or two.


TummyMountain said...

Hi Martha - you made me laugh! I think your print is a joyous celebration of the rare combination of higgledy piggledy AND whoosh!

Martha said...

I like that. :0)