Wednesday, February 5, 2014

After making a lot of noise about what is happening on tummy mountain it seems I am yet to follow through with any substance. I think I may have under estimated the amount of work involved in waking tummy mountain up. I should possibly be a bit more cautious and reserved - a bit more like the roly-poly hedgehog I saw ambling across the garden  path yesterday. We have a lot in common that hedgehog and I.


Asa-Marie said...

Oh I know that feeling all too well...I have the opportunity to display my craft with the Royal Queensland Art Society and I am just barely keeping my head above water with my own deadline! Commit, commit, commit and focus. Deeep breaths now here we go lets do this thing!

TummyMountain said...

That's a great opportunity! Maybe a nice cup of tea will help.