Saturday, February 22, 2014


One could be forgiven if one was imagining that one was obsessed with bumble bees, couldn't one?

Well it is a wee bit true.

Despite the plethora of adorable animals where tummy mountain originated there was a distinct lack of bumble bees.

It could be hard to even imagine a scenario that tummy mountain could exist without bumble bees! Luckily tummy mountain has flown across the seas to be in a land where bumble bees exist in plentiful numbers for the enjoyment of all.

Friday, February 14, 2014

loud blaring noises and lots of shouting

That can only mean awfulness to induce purchasing hysteria amongst the unwary shoppers of this world.

Out with the old in with the new no time to stop in this modern world of ours. Unless you like to take off your shoes and stretch your toes in the morning sun, feel the breeze and admire the bumble bees. In such times as those it could be that the tummy mountain 50% off madness hysteria craziness bargains sale is your cup of tea. Lots of awful shouting but with a bit of childhood cuteness and nostalgia mixed in.

I have made a crazy bargain SALE section in my etsy shop, and will be adding more things into it today, should be about 25 prints in there by the time I stop and have a sandwich.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

less higgledy piggledy, more whoosh!

Okay. Despite a lot of fanfare it may seem that nothing has happened. Well that could be true. But in the background the wee ones of tummy mountain have completed a big spring cleaning festival - even though it isn't spring anywhere (though the little ones tend to think of spring as more about jumping and less about the season.)

We have trimmed away some things and freshened up others. The main thing that has happened is that just about every art work now fits into a standard frame. They kind of did before but it was a little bit higgledy piggledy. Even though we love higgledy piggledy we need to be more streamlined and jet set in this futuristic world of ours. Maybe tummy mountain will need to be on roller skates to keep up. I think I rambled off the point...

The point is now just about all the big tummy size prints fit nicely into any standard frame (like an 11 x 14 with an 8 x 10 mount window) and the little tummy prints will fit snugly into an 8 x 10 frame with a 5 x 7 mount. We love the word snugly.

Which means we are just about ready for the sale. Stay tuned to Channel Tummy.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

After making a lot of noise about what is happening on tummy mountain it seems I am yet to follow through with any substance. I think I may have under estimated the amount of work involved in waking tummy mountain up. I should possibly be a bit more cautious and reserved - a bit more like the roly-poly hedgehog I saw ambling across the garden  path yesterday. We have a lot in common that hedgehog and I.