Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Tales of Wonder

Well it has been a very long time between posts,now, and for a lot of the last year. Hopefully that will change this year as there have been some Very Big Changes for The Little Ones on tummy mountain - more of that later.

Though I did want to write about something that happened to the little ones and I the other day.

We were puttering along in our wee car (whose name is Zippy) when we saw the most amazing rainbow. It was bright and a perfect complete arch. We were trying to get photos of it and I was trying to pull Zippy over in the best spot, when we rounded a corner and there some way ahead of us was The End of The Rainbow. The arch was coming down straight before our eyes a few hundred metres down the road in front of a clump of trees. Not behind anything - there it was - The End of The Rainbow.

I couldn't believe it. We all couldn't believe it. Wee Small began to be excited about finding a pot of gold. We pulled over and tried to take some photos and in that moment it all just dissolved away.

I wished I hadn't of pulled over and had just driven Zippy straight into that rainbow. It is one of those things I will regret forever, yet at the same time we have the amazing memory of seeing The End of the Rainbow!