Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A Royal Visit

Having moved Tummy Mountain across the Tasman Sea I have been distracted (and confused) for a while now. And so I forgot about the end of the bee story.

Soon after the purple bee finished cantering about on her horse (the horse goes by the name of "Purpon" - one suspects that this is because Purpon is purple in colour) the bees were now swarming around in the thousands. At one stage we saw a clump of bees rolling across the skylight on the roof. It was all quite odd.

Perhaps the little ones had invited the bees to live here. Perhaps this was some strange side effect to the newly formed Tummy Mountain Bumble Bee Rescue Patrol.

The bees seemed quite happy, if one can ascertain the happiness of a bee. The only problem for us was that the bees were swarming thickest around the front door. This was a tad inconvenient for going out and getting milk for cups of tea.

With this looming tea tragedy in mind it was clear what needed to be done. It was time to call the experts. People other than the Tummy Mountain Bumble Bee Rescue Patrol.

The experts told me that The Queen Bee was on the move and that she attracted all the other bees with her pheromones. That they were probably having a wee rest on our roof before heading off. And that we should not worry as the bees would not sting us (due to the pheromones) and that they would all be gone in a few days.

A few days without tea seemed pretty drastic so we climbed out the bedroom window to get milk.

By the time we had the milk the bees had gone and we had missed our chance to invite The Queen Bee in for tea. Such is life. A relief really as we do not have thousands of tiny tea cups.



Martha said...

I had to smile when you climbed out the window.

AsiaPatka Zielina said...


Lizzie said...

This is a great story.
I am glad the bees went away before you started to have problems with Grocery Shortages.
But it's a pity the Queen Bee never got to come and have tea with you.

I hope all Tummies are settled in at the new Tummy Mountain now. It has been busy here, so I can sympathise with the confusion and large gaps between posts... Me too!

IvyBlue said...

thanks for sharing with us so good story. it's my first time to hear about Tummy Mountain. Have a good day.

MLP said...

Really nice the story :)