Saturday, March 16, 2013

tragic and tumultuous times on tummy mountain

As previously indicated, the little ones have moved to New Zealand, resulting in all kinds of topsy turvy arrangements for them to get use to until a sense of normality returns.

One of the major disruptions and disappointments is the current Tummy Mountain couch. It is lacking in any springiness at all - very unsuitable for jumping on. Indeed, one could say, that it is very unsuitable for sitting on as well.

That isn't to say that the little ones haven't tried. They accepted the challenge and jumped on the couch with much gusto - yielding no time in the air, and the distinct sounds of creaking and groaning and cracking timbers in the base of the couch.

Never ones to yield to disappointment, and being very adaptable and quick of mind, the little ones preceded en masse to all the bedrooms and jumped on all of the beds instead.



Martha said...

I am so sorry to hear of the Tummy Mountain Couch's disappointing condition. Perhaps it is a good thing that beds also come with springs. Who needs a trampoline anyway?

Martha said...

I do hope the tragic and tumultuous times pass quickly. I think I shall add you and the Little Ones to my prayer list.

TummyMountain said...

Hi Martha,

Yes it is a tragedy, but only temporary as their bouncy couch is in storage and will arrive here soon (though for the little ones that may feel like forever)