Thursday, March 21, 2013

strange visitors

I was sitting quietly at my desk when a bee flew in. So I guided him outside with a sheet of paper. He tried to fly back in with a friend, and another friend, and another, and then I realised I was seeing a swarm of bees.

After closing all the doors and windows and guiding another ten bees out of the house I could now stand back and ponder. I have never seen so many bees. They look a bit agitated, except for the ones I guided out - they were strangely subdued for the most part.

So now there were hundreds of them flying about the windows and the roof.

At this point I was fooled by a bee. I had not managed to get one of the bees out. It was larger than most bees, was purple in colour and had a large hair clip attached to her bottom which I imagine was her sting. The sting kept falling on the floor. This bee also had a woolen hat on and earmuffs. I think the thing that made me suspect that it was maybe not a bee was the fact that she was riding a toy horse while buzzing around the house.



Martha said...

I must say there are some amazing creatures on Tummy Mountain!

Samee M said...

life is an adventure. mountain adventure is one of them. liked your site.
paul's outdoor adventures

TummyMountain said...

Well it did turn into quite an adventure. I will have to write a part two!