Wednesday, March 6, 2013

on the move

It has been a long time between posts again! There is a reason for this - The Little Ones have moved to a new Tummy Mountain in New Zealand! Which is quite thrilling for us all. The main difference between the old Tummy Mountain and the new Tummy Mountain is great big round furry bumble bees.

These great big round furry bumble bees are a delight for the Little Ones, and indeed myself. They have tiny wings and it seems impossible that they can even fly at all. Sometimes they fly into the Tummy Mountain Homestead and need rescuing. A new organization has been founded to handle this task. The Tummy Mountain Bumble Bee Rescue Patrol, or as we call  it "TMBBRP"

More news from Tummy Mountain NZ as it happens.



Martha said...

I do hope you remembered to bring the jumping couch along on your move. Tummy Mountain just wouldn't be the same without a sofa to bounce on.

Lizzie said...

That's a big move for the Little Ones - and you. Glad you were able to find a new TummyMountain though.
With Bumble Bees too, eh? Fat, furry bees are the best kind. We get several kinds of Bumbles in our garden and it's great to see -and hear - them, buzzing about in their busy, buzzy way...
A possible subject for a future TummyMountain Productions Film?

I wish you all good luck and happiness in your new home!

Sherri said...

I love those bees! They just look so cuddly! (Probably maybe don't actually cuddle them). One of my favourite things about NZ.

TummyMountain said...

Hi Martha, Lizzie and Sherri,

I will write about the couch soon, as it is a very important subject.

The new Tummy Mountain is absolutely lovely and very round. I was unaware that the bumble bees came in different varieties and I will make a note to quiz TMBBRP if they have noted variations in furriness in their rescue operations.

As far as I know and at this point in time, none of the little ones have attempted to cuddle any bumble bees

EddieFC02 said...

lover your art. it is wonderful!