Thursday, March 21, 2013

strange visitors

I was sitting quietly at my desk when a bee flew in. So I guided him outside with a sheet of paper. He tried to fly back in with a friend, and another friend, and another, and then I realised I was seeing a swarm of bees.

After closing all the doors and windows and guiding another ten bees out of the house I could now stand back and ponder. I have never seen so many bees. They look a bit agitated, except for the ones I guided out - they were strangely subdued for the most part.

So now there were hundreds of them flying about the windows and the roof.

At this point I was fooled by a bee. I had not managed to get one of the bees out. It was larger than most bees, was purple in colour and had a large hair clip attached to her bottom which I imagine was her sting. The sting kept falling on the floor. This bee also had a woolen hat on and earmuffs. I think the thing that made me suspect that it was maybe not a bee was the fact that she was riding a toy horse while buzzing around the house.


Saturday, March 16, 2013

tragic and tumultuous times on tummy mountain

As previously indicated, the little ones have moved to New Zealand, resulting in all kinds of topsy turvy arrangements for them to get use to until a sense of normality returns.

One of the major disruptions and disappointments is the current Tummy Mountain couch. It is lacking in any springiness at all - very unsuitable for jumping on. Indeed, one could say, that it is very unsuitable for sitting on as well.

That isn't to say that the little ones haven't tried. They accepted the challenge and jumped on the couch with much gusto - yielding no time in the air, and the distinct sounds of creaking and groaning and cracking timbers in the base of the couch.

Never ones to yield to disappointment, and being very adaptable and quick of mind, the little ones preceded en masse to all the bedrooms and jumped on all of the beds instead.


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

on the move

It has been a long time between posts again! There is a reason for this - The Little Ones have moved to a new Tummy Mountain in New Zealand! Which is quite thrilling for us all. The main difference between the old Tummy Mountain and the new Tummy Mountain is great big round furry bumble bees.

These great big round furry bumble bees are a delight for the Little Ones, and indeed myself. They have tiny wings and it seems impossible that they can even fly at all. Sometimes they fly into the Tummy Mountain Homestead and need rescuing. A new organization has been founded to handle this task. The Tummy Mountain Bumble Bee Rescue Patrol, or as we call  it "TMBBRP"

More news from Tummy Mountain NZ as it happens.