Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Game of Chance

The little ones have discovered a pack of cards.

"There are four kingdoms," explains The Little One (being the Eldest, she know lots about all kinds of things.)
"There is Kingdom Diamonds, Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Clovers, and Kingdom err... Kingdom...Um.."
"Kingdom Lollipops?" suggests Wee Small.
"No! That's silly! It's Kingdom Leaves!" responds The Little One.
"I'm going to call it Kingdom Lollipops!" replies Wee Small, but The Little One isn't listening. She is thinking...

The Little One thinks maybe that Kingdom isn't called Leaves and asks me.

"The 'suit' is spades." I say, being pedantic, and robbing them of their delightful use of the word Kingdom.

"So... that means I'm the Queen of Spades..." says The Little One to Wee Small.
"And I'm the Queen of Manatees!"says Wee Small with a great big happy smile on her face.
"No, you can't be the Queen of Manatees!" responds The Little One.
"And I am going to draw a Manatee on my cards!" continues Wee Small.
"No you can't draw on the cards!" shouts The Little One.
"Yes I can!" Wee Small shouts happily back "I am going to draw Manatee on this one, and Hoot on this one, and Turtle on this one. On the rest I am going to draw horses!"

I was secretly thrilled to see how the vandalism of the pack of cards was going to affect the game, but unfortunately The Little One, being the Eldest, and the voice of reason, stopped the cards being drawn on.

Except, maybe this one.

Who knows what they are playing!



Martha said...

I think the Kingdom of Lollipops sounds absolutely wonderful!

TummyMountain said...

I thought so too, but The Little One wasn't going to put up with any of that nonsense.

Martha said...

Well, that is a rather handsome manatee anyway. :)

TummyMountain said...

The most handsome manatee that I have ever seen grace a pack of cards.