Monday, May 28, 2012

Tummy Mountain joins in The Big Parade

*Edit - well I had a great time, though I didn't get a single question about rolling down hills. On the upside a mysterious french stranger has posted a message in the comments! I am sure it is a secret message!*

There is a thing called Etsy Success Sydney coming to Sydney, Australia as part of the Vivid Festival of Light, Music, and Ideas. The CEO of Etsy Chad Dickerson will be there, and a whole host of other people, and I will be there, shaking hands, smiling, waving, that kind of thing. I have been invited to represent the views of small people on Tummy Mountain.

Hopefully we will have a parade.

On June 2nd I am part of a workshop "Tips from Top Sellers" with Samantha Battersby of MatouEnPeluche and Jessica Van Den Wassenberg of Epheriell, and Danielle Maveal from Etsy will be moderating. The little ones and I looked up the word moderating in the dictionary and we found out that it comes from the word "moderate" and we found out that it means "in the middle." So Danielle Maveal will be sitting in the middle. I will probably sit on the edge. Actually I am not very good at sitting. I tend to lean on my chair and get in trouble. Maybe I'll sit on the floor.

This workshop is a good thing as I am an expert on tips.

I can tell anyone everything they need to know about running back and forth, spinning around on the spot with your eyes closed, rolling down hills, and carving faces into potatoes. What more can anyone possibly want to know?

Thursday, May 24, 2012

magic misunderstandings

Microcosmos is a wonderful documentary about insects and life filmed in a field in France somewhere. That is of course, if you are fascinated by beetles, snails, and butterflies. Needless to say, it is a hit with the little ones.

And even more unexpectedly with Wee Tiny. But I believe for the wrong reasons. The cover may explain this.

She insists that she is watching "Buggies on the Moon."


Friday, May 18, 2012

unexpected surprises

Today the little ones and I were on a jetty.
The little ones were feeding the lunch I had prepared for them to the fish that swim beneath.
So they were looking in the right direction (and I was not) when a wee penguin swam by.

a penguin may be seen somewhere out there

I was disappointed to miss the penguin, but glad that it enjoyed something I had prepared earlier.