Monday, February 27, 2012

whiling away the hours

Still raining...

It has rained all summer. Really. All the summer has been wet wet wet.
The little ones have not been happy at all about the rain. It has been a disaster.

So to brighten things up I suggested they help me fold the washing. What could be more fun!

Wee Small sorts the socks.
Wee Tiny sits on all of the clothes and gets in the way, and gets grumpy when this is pointed out to her. Oh well...
The Little One, being the eldest, is quite helpful. She can be a folding clothes Leviathan - if such a thing makes sense.

"This is my monster t-shirt," said The Little One, "and when I fold him and put him away he is always RRRRAHAHAHHAR-Side-Up!"

I'm quite impressed. And that is how I am going to have my eggs from now on.



Martha said...

Oh, bummer! I forgot and ordered my eggs scrambled. :(

TummyMountain said...

Maybe your eggs are scrambled because the RRAAAHHAHAAHAR side up eggs have frightened them.

Martha said...

I hadn't thought of that!

Martha said...

Today I had my eggs RRRRAHAHAHHAR-Side-Up! with bushy black pepper eye brows.