Wednesday, December 28, 2011

the magic of Christmas

Wee Tiny has had a marvellous Christmas with many unexpected presents from Santa (although it seems that Santa could not understand her long letter of scribbles.)

Her favourite gift is from a friend of the family. This friend, shall we diplomatically state, has a love of the little ones, if not a finer grasp of what makes a good gift to a child, and thus has in the past failed miserably in the art of giving presents. Yet this time the friend has scored an unexpected hit with Wee Tiny by giving her an office stapler.

A black office stapler.

At first Wee Tiny was confused, but after initial examination it has become her favourite toy.

There are several reasons why;

Firstly, it makes a very satisfying "ka-chonk-ah" sound every time it is pressed down


Secondly, it spills out little glittering silver things onto the floor after the "ka-chonk-ah" sound.

And though the glittery silver things ran out after about fifty ka-chonk-ahs, the ka-chonk-ah sound never stops. In fact it can go ka-chonk-ah for hours.

Wee Tiny is very delighted with her stapler.

Being an adult, I foolishly stepped in, and demonstrated how to reload the stapler AND revealed to her it's purpose by stapling two pieces of paper together.

Wee Tiny snatched it back. Wee Tiny did not want to know about that. It was her Stapler and it was for making ka-chonk-ah sounds and for spilling silver things on the floor. However, I did note that she has taken the reload knowledge on board.

And later on I discovered she had worked out the stapling part too. She had happily stapled her socks to her t-shirts.

What a marvelous thing Christmas is.

Monday, December 19, 2011

some good advice

The little ones have told Wee Golden about their preparations for Christmas. That is to say, putting up the Christmas tree, helping with the Christmas lights (we won't go into that "help") and sending their letters to Santa.

Now it is time to perhaps pay Santa a visit, so the little ones can talk to him in person.
And this is when Wee Golden piped up with some additional advice to heed.

Wee Golden: Sometimes Santa gets angry when you whack Santa.

Now I don't think for one minute that Wee Golden has been engaged in unsavoury scuffles with Santa, but I still think it is quite unusual advice to give. Well I don't think we'll have any problem there. We are very much against violence to Santa.

Thursday, December 15, 2011


Wee Golden dropped by tummy mountain the other day, to enlighten us with his perspective on life. His latest offering involves Santa.

Wee Golden:
Santa Claus should not wear red clothes.
Me: Why not?
Wee Golden: Polar bears will see him and get him.
Me: Does this mean Santa should wear camouflage?
Wee Golden: Yes, and he should carry a gun.


Saturday, December 10, 2011

right here, right now

The little ones do not understand why people use calendars. The little ones don't know what they want to do in an hours time, let alone a few months. The idea seems a bit strange to them, and they approach calendars with a wee bit of suspicion. In the past they believed that calendars told the future, but now they know that isn't true.

As Wee Small says "How can they know the future. They can't even talk."
Wee Tiny has been looking at it "for hours" (let's translate that as really about 50 seconds) and it "doesn't spoke once!"

There you have it. Calendars - future telling wonder devices? Or a preposterous pile of poppycock?

Friday, December 9, 2011



The Tummy Mountain Looking Forward Society has managed to crank out a few calendars for the upcoming year!

Watch this space for details!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

be prepared

Christmas is on its way and the little ones are making serious preparations.
Very long letters to Santa are being written around here.

Some, like The Little One's, are very detailed and comprehensive. ...and if one would dare venture a criticism, perhaps a bit too long.

Some, like Wee Small's, are...well...mysterious and confusing, involving many new spellings of English and the odd backward letter.

Some, like Wee Tiny's consist of elaborate scribbles and many up and down strokes. She is very confident about the clarity of her letter, but I fear that she may need an interpreter.

And who better to interpret her letters than Santa! I am very confident that Santa is a handwriting expert, having received so many letters from small folk for so many years. I am surprised his services are not being employed in the justice system unravelling cases of forgery!

The little ones were quite anxious to post their letters to Santa nice and early. They woke me up at "Augghhh...ehhh...its still dark!" o' clock. So we stumbled down to the post box in the dark.

"It is a long way to walk to the post box!" I complain.
"But it is even further to the North Pole!" explains The Little One "That is why we have to start nice and early."

It is too early for me to understand any form of logic in that statement. Instead I appreciate the dawn chorus of birds, and think about a nice hot cup of tea when I get back home to tummy mountain.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

everyday life

Wee Golden dropped by tummy mountain the other day to enlighten us with his perspective of the world. Here is what he had to say:

Wee Golden: I'm an ordinary boy. I can change into ten different aliens.