Monday, January 17, 2011

swan song

I have not heard the song of a swan.

I am however signalling that once more I must leave tummy mountain for a wee while. This should be the last time (thus swan metaphors) and I am hoping that when I return I will be able to hide somewhere up here (maybe behind the shed) where The Work won't find me. Then when The Work has passed by I will once more chronicle the adventures of the little ones.

Though, having said that there are a few adventures that the little ones have had that I am yet to write up, so hopefully those will be here soon.

It saddens me to know that when the little ones awake I will be gone for some weeks, I will miss them as I always do. Everyday they give me such joy and share with me their insights and secrets of their little world.

I can't wait to be back.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

name that tune

The Little One wanted me to play a song that she heard. She does not know if I have the song or if she heard it on the radio. She does not know the name of the song, the performer, the style of the music, or any lyric in the song to give me a clue, or any clues in general. Or even if I have heard it or have the song in my collection. Mere trivialities.

However she helps me by singing it to me;

The Little One: It goes like this " duuuhh...Nahhh, dah nuuuh". You know that one?
Me: Err, no err, do you know who sang it?
The Little One: No, but it goes "duhh nah, Daaaahh nahHH!"
Me: Err no. All I know is that you say it goes "da nah, da nah!"
The Little One: Yes that's it! " Dah naah, daah naahhhh." What is that song?
Me: Well how would I know!??
The Little One: But it goes "da nah, da nah"

The Little One is getting upset with me. It is as though I am deliberately provoking her by not knowing the song. Wee Small decides to help. She adds something which she thinks has been missing in clarifying what the song actually is.

Wee Small: It goes like this " duuuhh...Nahhh, dah nuuuh."
The Little One: No it doesn't, it goes "daaah NNANHHH, DDDAHHH, naaahhh"
Wee Small: No it doesn't it goes "daaah NNANHHH, DDDAHHH, naaahhh"
The Little One: No it doesn't...

It seems there is a disagreement on how it goes. This continues until Wee Tiny breaks it up.

Wee Tiny: Pony!

Wee Tiny is very small.

We left it at that until The Little One remembered some of the words and began singing it:

The Little One: "Welcome to the good ship California"

Ah the Good Ship California! Well that clears that up.


Saturday, January 8, 2011

this modern world deserves a modern attitude

One may be forgiven in thinking that the little ones live a pastoral existence, unaware of the impact of technology. However occasional forays away from tummy mountain expose the small ones to the ways and processes of systems in densely urbanized areas.

They absorb it, and then months later it all resurfaces in their own ideas and creations.

Thus, going outside one day I encountered the latest in tummy mountain technology, or TummyTech™ as I like to think of it. Obviously this is a ticket machine or dispenser, as The Little One (being the eldest) has clearly written on the front surface (and only surface) of the device.

I don't understand a few things;

1.) What kind of tickets does it dispense?
2.) What were we doing happily for free that now requires payment?
3.) What are the ominous 23.4 markings? Are they something to do with a secret society?
4.) Have we finally been found by "The Man" ?
5.) Is this the end of the carefree life of tummy mountain?


Saturday, January 1, 2011

the world spinning in space

A new year on tummy mountain.

We saw the old year off by making a wee bush walk to a little beach where one can see the distant fireworks from a place known as "civilisation."

On the beach there was a lot of running around to be had, and some swimming. There was also "looking at crabs" and collecting of seaweed.

Wee Tiny decided that all the sand on the beach could be heaped up onto the picnic blanket rendering it unusable.

She liked that.

Then all the fireworks and loud explosions began.
She did not like that. Not at all.

Fireworks are just not the same when you are very small.