Thursday, December 15, 2011


Wee Golden dropped by tummy mountain the other day, to enlighten us with his perspective on life. His latest offering involves Santa.

Wee Golden:
Santa Claus should not wear red clothes.
Me: Why not?
Wee Golden: Polar bears will see him and get him.
Me: Does this mean Santa should wear camouflage?
Wee Golden: Yes, and he should carry a gun.



humel said...

I think the polar bears have more sense than to get Santa, fortunately. They know that they won't receive any Christmas presents if they get him.

Anonymous said...

Wee Golden needn't worry. I'm fairly certain Santa would be too sweet (from all the cookies he eats) for a polar bear's taste and not nearly chewy enough!

Hmm...although, his blubber count would probably be quite enticing.

Perhaps just a stun gun, then?

TummyMountain said...

I agree with you Humel. I think polar bears and Santa have an unspoken agreement. They may just give each other a nod of recognition, and then go about their business.

I'm not sure about how chewy and tasty Santa is Ash. I have consulted all my cookery books but there seems to be no recipes on how to best cook Santa.

Anonymous said...

Haha! I know of no such cookbook, either. (Somehow I think children would be scarred for life if a 'How to Cook Santa Until He is Toasty' cookbook appeared on the shelves!)

Still, while Santa and I might share a similar 'robust' physique, I'm fairly certain I would be chewier. I think Santa's consistency would be something akin to marshmallows.

(Dang it. Now I'm craving MallowPuffs.)