Monday, December 19, 2011

some good advice

The little ones have told Wee Golden about their preparations for Christmas. That is to say, putting up the Christmas tree, helping with the Christmas lights (we won't go into that "help") and sending their letters to Santa.

Now it is time to perhaps pay Santa a visit, so the little ones can talk to him in person.
And this is when Wee Golden piped up with some additional advice to heed.

Wee Golden: Sometimes Santa gets angry when you whack Santa.

Now I don't think for one minute that Wee Golden has been engaged in unsavoury scuffles with Santa, but I still think it is quite unusual advice to give. Well I don't think we'll have any problem there. We are very much against violence to Santa.


humel said...

It's useful to have such good advice, and sometimes better not to enquire too closely into how the advisor acquired their knowledge...

TummyMountain said...

I am pretty sure I am going to let the matter rest. Any more questions may get even more disturbing answers.