Wednesday, December 28, 2011

the magic of Christmas

Wee Tiny has had a marvellous Christmas with many unexpected presents from Santa (although it seems that Santa could not understand her long letter of scribbles.)

Her favourite gift is from a friend of the family. This friend, shall we diplomatically state, has a love of the little ones, if not a finer grasp of what makes a good gift to a child, and thus has in the past failed miserably in the art of giving presents. Yet this time the friend has scored an unexpected hit with Wee Tiny by giving her an office stapler.

A black office stapler.

At first Wee Tiny was confused, but after initial examination it has become her favourite toy.

There are several reasons why;

Firstly, it makes a very satisfying "ka-chonk-ah" sound every time it is pressed down


Secondly, it spills out little glittering silver things onto the floor after the "ka-chonk-ah" sound.

And though the glittery silver things ran out after about fifty ka-chonk-ahs, the ka-chonk-ah sound never stops. In fact it can go ka-chonk-ah for hours.

Wee Tiny is very delighted with her stapler.

Being an adult, I foolishly stepped in, and demonstrated how to reload the stapler AND revealed to her it's purpose by stapling two pieces of paper together.

Wee Tiny snatched it back. Wee Tiny did not want to know about that. It was her Stapler and it was for making ka-chonk-ah sounds and for spilling silver things on the floor. However, I did note that she has taken the reload knowledge on board.

And later on I discovered she had worked out the stapling part too. She had happily stapled her socks to her t-shirts.

What a marvelous thing Christmas is.


Martha said...

If she staples her socks together before throwing them into the laundry, they will never need to be matched, and neither will they ever be lonely. :)

Edward Tu said...

I love your art. please keep painting!

TummyMountain said...

I should have considered the upsides of stapling clothes together. Thanks Martha (and thank you Ed too)

Martha said...

No problem. :)