Tuesday, December 6, 2011

be prepared

Christmas is on its way and the little ones are making serious preparations.
Very long letters to Santa are being written around here.

Some, like The Little One's, are very detailed and comprehensive. ...and if one would dare venture a criticism, perhaps a bit too long.

Some, like Wee Small's, are...well...mysterious and confusing, involving many new spellings of English and the odd backward letter.

Some, like Wee Tiny's consist of elaborate scribbles and many up and down strokes. She is very confident about the clarity of her letter, but I fear that she may need an interpreter.

And who better to interpret her letters than Santa! I am very confident that Santa is a handwriting expert, having received so many letters from small folk for so many years. I am surprised his services are not being employed in the justice system unravelling cases of forgery!

The little ones were quite anxious to post their letters to Santa nice and early. They woke me up at "Augghhh...ehhh...its still dark!" o' clock. So we stumbled down to the post box in the dark.

"It is a long way to walk to the post box!" I complain.
"But it is even further to the North Pole!" explains The Little One "That is why we have to start nice and early."

It is too early for me to understand any form of logic in that statement. Instead I appreciate the dawn chorus of birds, and think about a nice hot cup of tea when I get back home to tummy mountain.


Martha said...

Silly me. For a moment I imagined you stumbling down a cold and snowy road, and then I remembered that you live in a different hemisphere...

Even so, "it's still dark" o'clock is very early no matter where one lives, unless, of course, you are Santa.

Lizzie said...

What a kind father, to crawl out of bed at "Silly o'clock" before the birds are up yet, then stagger to the post box - all before your first cup of tea.
I'm sure that the letters will all get there in plenty of time though. So that's alright...

TummyMountain said...

Yes the whole event was rather strange when you haven't quite opened your eyes. No snow - but very stumbley. No time for a cup of tea with little ones dragging me out of the house.