Sunday, November 6, 2011

more measurements

When Wee Golden was here the other day he told me what was on his mind;

Wee Golden: I am hungry
Me: You're always hungry! How big is your tummy?
Wee Golden: One hundred and sixty five!
Me: Impressive!
Wee Golden: My tummy can eat 100 percent off!

I am not sure what that means but he believes it 100 percent.



Martha said...

Wee Golden is destined to become a mathematician!

Lizzie said...

My tummy can also eat 100 percent off. Problem is that I am so much bigger than Wee Golden and have (supposedly) stopped growing. The result is that I have to try not to eat 100 percent off - or not often.
Wee Golden is a clever kind of chap. I agree with Martha - he will be a mathematician or scientist (in fact, I am sure he already is).

Rebecca said...

LOL! Sounds like an advertisement. ;)

TummyMountain said...

Wee Golden does seem to have that self assured way with numbers - believing he is right when maybe he is wrong.

My tummy seems to just eat 100% and keep it all on!

Possibly Wee Golden's mathematics has been influenced by bargain basements - just possibly...

humel said...

The Tomboy's tummy can also eat 100 percent off, unless I try to give her tummy vegetables. It only seems able to cope with about 5 percent off then.