Monday, October 31, 2011


Jack and his family

This post has some explanations;

In the Land of Tummy, Halloween was never celebrated, and so us older ones don't really know what it is all about. Yet over the last few years, the wee little ones from all over the Land of Tummy seem to understand exactly what it is about;

Dressing up and eating lollies!

(lollies are also known as candy in many parts of the world.)

Wee Tiny, being very tiny was looking forward to the unbridled unhinged lollie festival that is Halloween. Even though she is very tiny, she seems to have some grasp on what is going on, and felt that I should understood the importance of Halloween.

So Wee Tiny explained it to me

Wee Tiny: A hello-ing, a lollies!
Me: Errr...what?

So Wee Small clarified what Wee Tiny had explained.

Wee Small: You go a hello-ing and you get lollies.
Me: A hello-ing?

The Little One, being the eldest, applied logic to Wee Small's clarification of Wee Tiny's explanation.

The Little One: You go to peoples places and say "Hello" and they give you lollies. That is why it is called "Hello-ing."

So we went to many peoples places that had orange and black balloons, the little ones said hello, and they got lollies. It seemed to work for them. We all had fun even though none of us really know what it is all about.

The next day Wee Golden dropped by, and I thought I would ask him what it is all about. Wee Golden thought I was silly, and he didn't tell me what it was about. Though Wee Golden did tell me something about Halloween that he thought I should know.

Wee Golden: It's not going to be Halloween for another six hundred and ninety five years.

Well that is a shame, but I think the little ones may just have enough lollies to last until then.



Lizzie said...

The Little Ones certainly have it worked out. I am glad you listened to them - think of all the lollies you would have missed.

We had plenty of "Hello-ing" here last night. Lots of small people in costumes, shouting "Trick or Treeeeaaat?" whenever we opened the door. We ran out of sweeties... but not before the little people had all been here - it was only the biggest and noisiest who missed out on lollies.

I think that most of the Small People in our neighbourhood will also have enough sweets and lollies to last them until Wee Golden's next Halloween.

Martha said...

We had a rather quiet "Hello-ing" here. Dark country roads are helpful in this manner. No one knocked on our door hoping for "lollies" until well after 9 o'clock, maybe even ten. Alas, it was our very own grown up "Small People" looking for some chocolate. Can't say that I blame them.

humel said...

We don't celebrate Hallowe'en either, but I'd be quite happy to go a hello-ing, with or without lollies :)

Anonymous said...

I've been here nearly 13 years and I still don't get this "Hello-ing" thing, either. (That's what I'm calling it from now on, by the way.) Normally we buy a large assortment of candy and usually end up with heaps left over. So this year, we thought we'd simplify: just one type of candy, and a lot less.

So of course, the entire neighborhood turned out; one young 'princess' let us know she wasn't particularly pleased that we "only" had chocolate; and the numerous teens who turned up didn't seem convinced that one measly chocolate bar was worth them NOT playing a trick.

And tiny mite all of about two feet tall belted on our door, turned his little face skyward, and yelled "Twiktweethalween!" about a dozen times before rushing off without his candy! For that effort I wanted to run after him and give him what was left in the bowl!

Four hours later we were left exhausted...and only three mini candy bars remained.

TummyMountain said...

It is good to hear that there are so many ways to say hello on Hello-ing night.