Thursday, October 6, 2011

the games small people play

Wee Small and Wee Tiny were playing a board game together. It didn't quite work as Wee Small can't read, and Wee Tiny can't play because she loses the pieces, sits on the board, complains when it is not her go, and wanders off sometimes (as you do when you are very tiny.)

- neither of them like to lose.

Let's skip over that part and get to the bit about packing up the game.
Which neither of them did.

This is how it went; Wee Small stopped The Little One as she walked past. The Little One had not participated in the game at all, yet to Wee Small's reasoning The Little One (being the eldest) should be the one to pack it up as she knew where the game went on the shelf, whereas Wee Small (being small) did not.

The Little One reasoned that she had nothing to do with it and wasn't going to put it away. An argument began.

Let's skip that part.

I think we all know that I packed up the game.

Let's skip that part.


Martha said...

My friend and I once argued over who would put the game away. Someone did, but it was neither of us. I won't tell you where it was put, but we never saw it again. :(

TummyMountain said...

That is a tragedy!

Lizzie said...

Yes... we sometimes had that situation in our house. My mother would appear with a large black bin liner. Amazingly, the game would get put away in double-quick time.
But we were a bit older than Wee Small or Wee Tiny. It's a bit hard on The Little One, being the eldest - everything is always your fault when you are the eldest (I know this...)
I hope they enjoyed the game. I have some board games that don't have a die and don't need reading. Maybe I should send them to Wee Tiny & Wee Small.

humel said...

The Boy and The Tomboy have similar arguments. Indeed, The Doctor and The Tomboy have similar arguments. The Tomboy's feeling is that the person who loses should put away the game.

The Tomboy will generally cheat, bribe or strop her way to victory. She hates to lose. Occasionally she does lose, but lets skip that part...

Martha said...

The children have arrived!

TummyMountain said...

Hi Lizzie, I have scarily similar memories of my mother doing the same kind of thing. In fact I am going to write a post about that!

I think in the interests of calm and peace in the tummy house we'll have to decline your kind offer of board games. We use to love playing board games and doing jigsaw puzzles when I was little - they don't seem to have the same impact on my wee children.

Hi Humel, despite the outrageous, conduct of the Tomboy whilst engaged in the noble pursuit of playing board games, I have sympathy with her stance; that the loser should put the game away - but here on tummy mountain the loser is always me (as I graciously and heroically lose to keep the peace) or Wee Tiny - who is too tiny to put anything away properly.

Hi Martha, glad to hear it! I hope they are settling in to a good training regime for Couch Jumping in the 2016 Olympics.