Monday, September 12, 2011


One day I took the little ones on a picnic by a beautiful stretch of water. I had all the yummy snacks, and all the food that the little ones would eat as well, but I forgot the picnic blanket!

"Well that was dumb!" I said all annoyed with myself.
Wee Small looked up at me with her eyes full of concern and said "but you are not dumb!"
"Ha!" I snorted cynically, "I can assure you I have made plenty of dumb mistakes!"
"But those are just mistakes." she reassured me.

How right she is to separate the two. I felt much better.


Lizzie said...

How useful to have a philosopher and sage in the family. You can trust a Small Person, to get things into their proper perspective.
I'm not dumb either, but I certainly make plenty of mistakes...
I hope you all enjoyed the picnic - the blanket was less important than the food, or the good company!

TummyMountain said...

I thought that she really put it in a good perspective - and often when I am making a mistake now it does not bother me as much as before. Her wee words had a profound impact on me.

Alas without the picnic blanket we got dirt in our food!

Martha said...

No picnic blanket means one can feel the cool green grass under her feet and the mud can squish up between her bare toes. Besides, I'll bet the ants were grateful.

What a gracious one Wee Small is. You are blessed.