Sunday, August 28, 2011


Wee Small has a wobbly tooth.
She wobbles and wobbles and wobbles the tooth.
"Look at my wobbly tooth!" she tells me excitedly.

I can't look. It makes my stomach queasy to watch that tooth wobbling back and forth like a small white door opening and shutting.

"How does the Tooth Fairy know whose teeth have fallen out?" asks Wee Small, with her fingers in her mouth at the same time.
"Well...errr...." I begin uncertainly "Each time a child wobbles a tooth back and forth it rings a wee bell in the Tooth Fairy's castle. So she gets a bit of time to check the address and prepare."

Wee Small's eyes open in wonder and a bit of thinking goes on in her wee head.
She starts wobbling the tooth with renewed vigour. Making me queasier, and wishing I hadn't said that. Wee Small must be making sure the Tooth Fairy get's the address just right.

I don't know why, but I am sure that tooth is tolling like a big deep bell in her castle and keeping the tooth fairy awake.


Martha said...

I do hope to see a painting of this Tooth Fairy in her castle one day... Or perhaps there is one out there and I have overlooked it until this moment.

With all that bell ringing, uh, I mean tooth-wobbling, Wee Small should have that tooth out in no time at all!

TummyMountain said...

The tooth has now come out, and Wee Small has a cute wee lisp without a tooth there!

Martha said...