Thursday, August 25, 2011

mysterious messages

Today the little ones received a secret message in the mail. It seems to be from Secret Agent Etsy.

Clearly there is a mission afoot. The little ones donned the appropriate attire with haste to dramatic music!

little ones in disguise!

Then the little ones read the secret message.
"It says xnmjpplgh gjkk rgeeui" said Wee Tiny,
"It is a secret code." said Wee Golden
"Do I get a chocolate ice cream?" asked Wee Tiny
"Yes,'" said Wee Small

The little ones spent the next ten minutes hunting for clues under rocks, in trees and then {with the help of The Little One (being the eldest)} they found the chocolate ice cream in the freezer!

The little ones were quite happy with their success on this secret mission. I, however am baffled about what it all means. What is it all about?


Lizzie said...

Perhaps your should also eat chocolate ice-cream. I think that sounds like a very plausible explanation anyway....

TummyMountain said...

I followed your advice, and though I am not any wiser, my tummy is happier.