Monday, July 25, 2011


Wee Golden wandered up to tummy mountain today. There must have been a lot on his mind as he went straight into some very deep existential analysis about life, and indeed death.

This is what he had to say;

"When you die and go up to heaven, the heaven guy shoots you in the stomach."
"Why?" I asked
"Because he is a mean and selfish guy," stated Wee Golden quite matter of factly.
"And they speak like this; 'jukka hukka chooka gabbah wukka choogah chukkah.'"
"errr.." I repeated
"And they eat people."
"They don't have any food." said Wee Golden, "Heaven is a bad planet."
"Ahh. And so what happens when you die?" I asked
"You always go up to heaven. I think they have a sucking machine."

Well apart from being startled I thought all of that is a new angle I haven't heard before.


Martha said...

Startled,.. yeah, that would just about sum it up for me too.

Perhaps he has been watching a little too much Star Trek?

Lizzie said...

Wee Golden has a big imagination for a Wee person! What happened to harps, clouds and meadows filled with daisies?

I've been a bit busy recently... missed some posts, but I've caught up now.
You need to keep an eye on that Manatee... he might get dangerous.
And I hope little Hoot has made a full recovery.
Socks are much better designed for making stuff. They are not good for feet.

Martha said...

Star Wars... Those sand people are a quite vicious and they live up there somewhere...

TummyMountain said...

I think Wee Golden may have just glossed over the harps and clouds.

I have to say that my idea of heaven does not include the Sand People from Star Wars.