Monday, July 25, 2011


Wee Golden wandered up to tummy mountain today. There must have been a lot on his mind as he went straight into some very deep existential analysis about life, and indeed death.

This is what he had to say;

"When you die and go up to heaven, the heaven guy shoots you in the stomach."
"Why?" I asked
"Because he is a mean and selfish guy," stated Wee Golden quite matter of factly.
"And they speak like this; 'jukka hukka chooka gabbah wukka choogah chukkah.'"
"errr.." I repeated
"And they eat people."
"They don't have any food." said Wee Golden, "Heaven is a bad planet."
"Ahh. And so what happens when you die?" I asked
"You always go up to heaven. I think they have a sucking machine."

Well apart from being startled I thought all of that is a new angle I haven't heard before.

Monday, July 18, 2011

cause for celebration

Wee Golden had come to stay for a few days. I knew it was his birthday coming up so I asked Wee Golden when it was.

"My birthday is on the August of July."


Sunday, July 10, 2011

tying up loose ends

Wee Small and I were not very far from Tummy Mountain when a car drove by.

Wee Small piped up and said;

"The good thing is if that car ran over you, I could go and bury you somewhere. And I could walk home, because it is a short way home."

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Wee Tiny had lost her wee handbag somewhere. It was full to the brim with her most precious things. We searched everywhere for her handbag.
It was the second time that she had lost it today.
Wee Small found it near the "jumpoline."
I tried to be gentle when I told Wee Tiny "You need to remember not to forget this bag."
Wee Small rushed to Wee Tiny's defense and told me "When you're tiny you don't think about stuff sometimes."

True. Big people don't think about stuff sometimes either.