Monday, May 2, 2011

The Blog of a Few Weeks Ago

Being of a not too highly organised nature, nor as thorough as the esteemed and privileged role of Tummy Mountain Chronicler deserves, I sometimes miss things, or watch things fly by in the afternoon as I sip on a cup of tea without realising what happened.

Such as being featured as "Blog of the Week" on I Speak Melsh. That was a few weeks ago. So now I would like to proudly say that Tummy Mountain is the blog of "A Few Weeks Ago."

It kind of feels like a few weeks ago around here anyway. Grass is a bit too long - may need the giant rabbit to trim it a bit.


TummyMountain said...

...and while I was writing this post about the past and missing things, I happened to miss what was happening right now - burning pumpkin soup on the stove.

humel said...

Oops.... Poor soup! I take full responsibility. Next time I make pumpkin soup, I shall send you some.*

*I have never yet made pumpkin soup, but it could happen, right?

TummyMountain said...

It doesn't matter because the little ones don't actually eat the soup. They only ask for pumpkin soup because they really want to eat toast.