Monday, May 16, 2011

the end of the world is nigh

Wee Small: What would happen if someone poured water on the sun. Would it go out?

Me: would have to be an awful lot of water...

Wee Small: But what if they left the hose on all day?


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

STOP PRESS: Little Ones Mix Stuff in a Bowl!

Today the little ones made the front page news by mixing many unknown ingredients in a bowl!

Millions of casual observers were spellbound by the mystery! Is it flour and water? Or is it, as I suspect, flour and egg and orange peel and dirt and sticks?

Is this a heart warming scene of small ones helping out?
Or is it one of those times where you spend hours cleaning up the mess?
Or both?
Will we ever know?

Thursday, May 5, 2011

STOP PRESS: In space nobody can hear you eating chocolate cake

Scientists and pop musicians of the past have been baffled for ages by that old question "Is there life on Mars?" - or even out in the galaxies somewhere, anywhere?

The tummy mountain space-agency (TuMS) has dedicated a considerable amount of time (in between playing and bathtime) and resources (who could believe that there was that much stickytape!?!) to succeed in confirming that there is life on Saturn.

Two tummynauts using Ladder v2.01 for their successful trip to Saturn.

Detractors of this historic mission have pointed out that the tummynauts did not originate from Saturn, and therefore the big questions are not answered. The tummy mountain space-agency (TuMS) has responded that those spoilsports are not invited to the party at our place, and therefore cannot have any ice cream cake or fizzy drink.

In a second best effort which really should be applauded, the American Museum of Natural History, while lacking the scissors, paper and stickytape of TuMS, have responded with their make believe fairy tale of outer space.

Anyone with the ladder building skills of the tummy mountain space agency can clearly conclude this is ridiculous.

Monday, May 2, 2011

The Blog of a Few Weeks Ago

Being of a not too highly organised nature, nor as thorough as the esteemed and privileged role of Tummy Mountain Chronicler deserves, I sometimes miss things, or watch things fly by in the afternoon as I sip on a cup of tea without realising what happened.

Such as being featured as "Blog of the Week" on I Speak Melsh. That was a few weeks ago. So now I would like to proudly say that Tummy Mountain is the blog of "A Few Weeks Ago."

It kind of feels like a few weeks ago around here anyway. Grass is a bit too long - may need the giant rabbit to trim it a bit.