Sunday, April 24, 2011

A pet is an essential part of childhood

Wee Small can whistle. A little breathy perhaps, but a whistle nonetheless.

I could hear her walking around outside whistling. She was whistling to her new pet.

And I could hear her say "Come on, come on Bumble"

Bumble is a bee.

"Come on bumble, let's go!"

I should add that Bumble is not too good at following when called.


Lizzie said...

I would say that a bee is a rather awkward pet - it's hard to train, doesn't like to stay still for long, doesn't want you to pet it and won't go for walks. Still, it's good that Wee Small has chosen her own pet. Perhaps if she made a very small bee-hive, Bumble and her friends might move in? Bee-plus-friends might make a better pet than just Bumble on her own.

Skewampas Stories said...

Fantastic! Lol, a bee for a pet, just tell her to watch out for the business end.

TummyMountain said...

She has made a home out of a coconut shell, with a little bed inside it for Bumble. Bumble was in the little home when she showed me, alas his face is too small for me to know whether he was enjoying it or not.