Sunday, April 10, 2011

mysteries of nature

Scientists have been agog at a new species of Echidna (kind of hedgehog, kind of spiny ant-eater) that has been found rambling along, quietly enjoying itself on tummy mountain.

Scientists have named the new species "spikus potaticus"
It is unknown at this stage what this creature eats, where it dwells, or why it has been mysteriously undiscovered until now.

After much poking and prodding, Spikus Potaticus, sick of all the attention, bumbles off into the distance.


Martha said...

I sure do wish I could come up with something to say about this, but I am left speechless.

Does he bite? He looks quite dangerous.

TummyMountain said...

He seems to be gentle in nature, despite his spiky appearance. Doesn't move much.

Lizzie said...

Spikus Potaticus looks kind of cute to me... though I wouldn't want to argue with him - he's a bit fierce-looking too! Is he related to a Chameleon at all - the colours of his skin remind me of this particular little animal.
He's certainly special, wherever he came from.

TummyMountain said...

maybe it is the chameleon skin that has kept him hidden for so many years.

NexusMaille said...

Perhaps he is indigenous to Tummy Mountain, and until now there has been no dedicated team of inquisitive ramblers to discover him.

humel said...

I like hedgehogs. I'm quite prepared to like this little chap too :-)

I also like this blog, and have bestowed upon it a special award. You don't have to do anything about said award, but I hope it makes you feel happy and appreciated to receive it xx