Saturday, March 26, 2011

It doesn't add up

Wee Small had a new present. A pink calculator. Or as Wee Small called it "a calcliator."
Wee Small loved it. Did I mention it was pink?

Wee Tiny also liked Wee Small's calcliator. But she thought it was a phone. Wee Tiny liked it so much she ran off with it and put it in her pink vinyl handbag of special things. Inside the handbag was a toy wombat, a magic wand, and now the calcliator. I should also mention that the handbag was filled to the brim with water.

In Wee Tiny's mind, the pink phone, aka calcliator, was the perfect matching accessory to her handbag.

Needless to say the calcliator did not receive any calls, or do basic subtraction, after immersion in water.


humel said...

So water is a special thing, too? That's good :)

Calcliators that don't receive calls or do basic subtraction? Less good. I hope this doesn't cause a division between Wee Small and Wee Tiny.... xx

TummyMountain said...

Nothing more precious than water.

Wee Small is a bit upset. Wee Tiny doesn't understand why "her" phone doesn't work.

Laura said...

LOL! Even though I have a wee boy small and wee boy tiny (hmmm..not sure how they would feel about that description), I can so relate to this post!

Lizzie said...

Nice to see you home at Tummy Mountain again.

Sorry for Wee Small's calcliator problems - and Wee Tiny's phone problem too. I wonder if the Easter Bunny has phones and calcliators in his basket?

Lisa-Jane said...

Just found your blog through Mel and I'm glad you are her Blog of the Week so that others can share the joy. So many of your stories are ones that happen in this house too, you put it all so well. It cheers me that my daughter is not alone in trying to call people on a calcliator, water or not.

Cass said...

Just found your blog by stumbling onto your etsy store. Love your blog posts. Love love love your artwork. So much that I had to blog about them. I copied the pics from your etsy store to use. Hope that was okay. Let me know if it wasn't and I'll remove them pronto. :)

Veganosaurus said...

So sad that the calcliator phone doesn't work anymore. Can the magic wand be used to make the calcliator work?