Saturday, January 1, 2011

the world spinning in space

A new year on tummy mountain.

We saw the old year off by making a wee bush walk to a little beach where one can see the distant fireworks from a place known as "civilisation."

On the beach there was a lot of running around to be had, and some swimming. There was also "looking at crabs" and collecting of seaweed.

Wee Tiny decided that all the sand on the beach could be heaped up onto the picnic blanket rendering it unusable.

She liked that.

Then all the fireworks and loud explosions began.
She did not like that. Not at all.

Fireworks are just not the same when you are very small.


Martha said...

Happy New Year Tummy Mountain!

(Perhaps Wee Tiny will be better able to appreciate fireworks another year.)

humel said...

Wishing you a quiet, gentle and peaceful 2011, with no loud noises at all! xx

TummyMountain said...

Happy New Year Martha and Humel!

Maybe quiet and gentle fireworks will solve everything.