Saturday, January 8, 2011

this modern world deserves a modern attitude

One may be forgiven in thinking that the little ones live a pastoral existence, unaware of the impact of technology. However occasional forays away from tummy mountain expose the small ones to the ways and processes of systems in densely urbanized areas.

They absorb it, and then months later it all resurfaces in their own ideas and creations.

Thus, going outside one day I encountered the latest in tummy mountain technology, or TummyTech™ as I like to think of it. Obviously this is a ticket machine or dispenser, as The Little One (being the eldest) has clearly written on the front surface (and only surface) of the device.

I don't understand a few things;

1.) What kind of tickets does it dispense?
2.) What were we doing happily for free that now requires payment?
3.) What are the ominous 23.4 markings? Are they something to do with a secret society?
4.) Have we finally been found by "The Man" ?
5.) Is this the end of the carefree life of tummy mountain?



Martha said...

These are the kind of childhood creations that make me smile. Imagination and creativity in spite of technology,... or maybe because of it.

humel said...

I'd be a little bothered by those 23.4 markings too - unless they refer to the height of the machine in cm?

Lizzie said...

It looks as if it dispenses very large tickets. I would put those questions to the machine's creator, as soon as you can.

Better start saving pennies - looks like living at Tummy Mountain might get expensive!

TummyMountain said...

I have taken a leaf out of Manatee's book and decided to ignore it.