Monday, January 17, 2011

swan song

I have not heard the song of a swan.

I am however signalling that once more I must leave tummy mountain for a wee while. This should be the last time (thus swan metaphors) and I am hoping that when I return I will be able to hide somewhere up here (maybe behind the shed) where The Work won't find me. Then when The Work has passed by I will once more chronicle the adventures of the little ones.

Though, having said that there are a few adventures that the little ones have had that I am yet to write up, so hopefully those will be here soon.

It saddens me to know that when the little ones awake I will be gone for some weeks, I will miss them as I always do. Everyday they give me such joy and share with me their insights and secrets of their little world.

I can't wait to be back.


Lizzie said...

It's a pity that the Little Ones can't just pop into your backpack and go with you.
I hope The Work is soon finished, so you can return quickly and catch up with their adventures.
But who knows, you may have an Adventure of your own to tell us about!

Martha said...

Hurry home!

humel said...

That pesky ol' The Work. I often try to hide from it myself, with varying degrees of success. I hope you find a good hiding place x

shashka said...

life is full adventures, u r always the soul reason for your happiness stay tuned.,... b happy

clw said...

I miss you.

Moby said...

I really like these.

Do you write them yourself?

TummyMountain said...

Hi Moby. Yes I do write it. Though some could say that The Little Ones put a fair amount into each post.