Sunday, January 16, 2011

name that tune

The Little One wanted me to play a song that she heard. She does not know if I have the song or if she heard it on the radio. She does not know the name of the song, the performer, the style of the music, or any lyric in the song to give me a clue, or any clues in general. Or even if I have heard it or have the song in my collection. Mere trivialities.

However she helps me by singing it to me;

The Little One: It goes like this " duuuhh...Nahhh, dah nuuuh". You know that one?
Me: Err, no err, do you know who sang it?
The Little One: No, but it goes "duhh nah, Daaaahh nahHH!"
Me: Err no. All I know is that you say it goes "da nah, da nah!"
The Little One: Yes that's it! " Dah naah, daah naahhhh." What is that song?
Me: Well how would I know!??
The Little One: But it goes "da nah, da nah"

The Little One is getting upset with me. It is as though I am deliberately provoking her by not knowing the song. Wee Small decides to help. She adds something which she thinks has been missing in clarifying what the song actually is.

Wee Small: It goes like this " duuuhh...Nahhh, dah nuuuh."
The Little One: No it doesn't, it goes "daaah NNANHHH, DDDAHHH, naaahhh"
Wee Small: No it doesn't it goes "daaah NNANHHH, DDDAHHH, naaahhh"
The Little One: No it doesn't...

It seems there is a disagreement on how it goes. This continues until Wee Tiny breaks it up.

Wee Tiny: Pony!

Wee Tiny is very small.

We left it at that until The Little One remembered some of the words and began singing it:

The Little One: "Welcome to the good ship California"

Ah the Good Ship California! Well that clears that up.



Sherri said...

Next time I hear Hotel California I will endeavour to sing "good ship" in the place of "hotel".
Many songs can be given a new lease of life with just one such improvement. I could name four songs off the top of my head that I have altered and then routinely sung that way.

Lizzie said...

But of course it was... It's so obvious now...
I think Wee Tiny had the right idea. "Pony" is a good word to break up an argument.

humel said...

Is there a pony in that song? I don't know many songs about ponies. I know many that go 'duuhh nah, da nahh' and variations on that theme, though. Unfortunately I can't quite recall their names. Or performers. Or styles. Or lyrics...

Louise said...

Best blog post I have ever read. Hilarious. Made my day :)