Friday, July 30, 2010

some more words

The little ones were playing with some small dolls. The dolls were taking an imaginary walk in a forest. As part of the story Wee Tiny said "then they met a big scary frog!"
And Wee Small shouted "No! Then they met Yellow Mellow P!"
At that point the little ones screamed.

I suppose I would too if I was in the forest and met the letters "L,M,N,O,P."

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

a few words

Wee Little is very little. She is just beginning to talk. She only has a few words and she uses them very effectively.

One word is "mine." Of course anything she can see is "mine." Needless to say everything is "hers." My particular favourite items that she owns are the things she sees when we travel away from tummy mountain. Like trucks. Every time she sees a truck her eyes light up and she bellows "mine!"

Two other words are "I not." These are used whenever she is doing something she shouldn't be doing. To be fair to her she is so little that she hasn't quite learnt that drawing on the couch and then watering it are not, well, not really allowed.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


There was a wee problem with the strawberries. It seems that they had all been eaten, and not in a just, fair, and democratic way.

Wee Tiny, Wee Small, and The Little One were puzzled until Wee Small decided to tally it all up to see what had happened.

"Well, there were six strawberries,"she began "and I ate two..."
"And I ate four" added Wee Tiny
"And I only ate three." said The Little One.
"So where are all the other strawberries?" asked Wee Small.

It is indeed a mystery.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The times they are a changin'

I have two things to write about today. Two subjects that I feel merge into one.

1.) The Little One, being the eldest is, as you would expect, quite proficient in all aspects of optics, particularly in regard to polarized lenses.

2.) Idyllic and pastoral as tummy mountain is, we keep an eye on the current state of things in the world at large, and feel compelled occasionally to move with the times.

Thus The Little One has made a pair of glasses for "Little One" (pictured below.) So now when we enter the wide world she can also view one of these new fashioned 3d movies.

"Little One" created by Tiddlywinks
"Little One" is wearing a lavender nightie designed by Nanna

"Little One" is sporting a pair of 3d glasses by The Little One

I am hoping that these lenses have not been made with Professor Manatee's spectacles. I really do.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Regarding the Importance of Names

When you are very small you may have a toy duck, and it's name may be "duck."
When you are a wee bit older a toy duck may be called "Lucy."

Wee Small is somewhere in between and she has a family of toy hedgehogs.

She was telling me their names.

"This one is called "Hedgehoggy" and this one is called "Hedgehoggin" and this one is called "Hedgehoggshia" and this one is called "Hedgehogroller" and this little one is called "Sneakhedgy"

Thursday, July 8, 2010


One day Wee Tiny was gazing out the window, waiting for all the little ones to come home and play. She was all alone... well.... except for me of course.

She waited and waited and waited.
She looked out the window mournfully and waited some more. Soft drizzling rain fell and made everything wet.

"Don't worry," I comforted. "They will all be back in a little while."
Wee Tiny replied "No, I think they will be back in two whiles."