Friday, December 10, 2010


So happy to be back after a long stint of nonsense far far away, and even more happy that I have returned just in time for a a ritual that takes place every year in our wee family.

For it is tonight that we shall climb up to the highest point on tummy mountain to catch a few stars for our christmas tree.

We shall have our arms outstretched and there may be a lot of jumping up and down.


humel said...

Lucky Christmas tree! I hope you catch many beautiful and sparkling stars :-)

We can't reach stars from where we live, we're too low down, so we just use a mixture of bought and handmade decorations for our tree. The only jumping required is when The Children inside on hanging their decorations as high as possible on the tree. Now that they're getting quite big and grown up, less jumping is required.

TummyMountain said...

my favourite type of jumping is the kind where little ones jump to reach something they cannot possibly ever reach, but believe that they will with stout wee jumps.