Sunday, November 14, 2010


The Little One, being the eldest, stared into the refrigerator and decided that something had to be done about the lack of tasty food in there.

So she made her own shopping list. It has all the ingredients for something that I think she is suggesting I should cook.

Well I am not good at taking a hint.
I think I'll cook cat food pie.


Lizzie said...

I asked our Cat about your recipe idea. He thinks it is much better than ham and rocket, but he would rather like the cheese...

I would be interested to know what the Little Ones think of this.

By the way, that is a cool shopping list - it's much more clear than mine. I think I should buy some bright pink and yellow pens and draw all my shopping lists in future. Perhaps then I wouldn't forget anything!

Martha said...

I do believe you have a budding artist. She will give you some good competition one day.

Cat Food Pie sounds very interesting. We had "People Soup" for supper one evening. It was so named because the baby carrots in the stew had been dyed pink by the unusual addition of beets. They looked like fingers.

humel said...

How sorry I am that I've been full of lurgy lately. It means that a whole extra 10 days went by before I became aware of Cat Food Pie. I shall be adding the necessary (and, The Children would say, unnecessary) ingredients to my own shopping list immediately.