Sunday, September 5, 2010


A bright sunny day on Tummy Mountain and quite windy! Maybe the wind is bringing Spring ever closer. What I would love to do on such a day is to take a walk in the countryside. But we really have to so a bit of a spring cleaning.

I wander off to find the little ones to ask them to help. I am sure they will be pleased.
They are all sitting on an old chair in a field staring at the branches of a huge tree moving in the wind.

"If you have nothing to do you can help me" I say.
They start looking around desperately for a way out. Wee Smalls face brightens.
"I do have something to do!" replied Wee Small defiantly, "And that is looking at my foot!"

Well I have heard some excuses in my time, but that was certainly something new.

"Sometimes I wish I was a tree for the clean up" says The Little One with a wistful tone. "Trees don't have to clean anything."


The Daydreamer said...

The little ones are the cutest and sweetest! :)

humel said...

Do trees look at their feet then?

Perhaps if you open all the doors and windows, the wind will blow everything into place for you.

TummyMountain said...

maybe the wind could blow everything out and away, far away.