Friday, September 10, 2010


Gripping, and thrilling, and as I write this is still unresolved. In the spirit of Democracy the little ones had decided to have a vote amongst themselves about what kind of food they would like to go into their wee tummies for dinner.

Echoing the recent political circumstances of this country, the vote was divided evenly amongst those who wished for the healthy and invigorating tasty Laksa, and those who wished for the not so healthy at all but very tasty Bacon and Eggs (which would normally be a breakfast meal but when the little ones decide what they want for dinner, well, anything can happen.)

Initially when it was revealed that the vote was divided evenly, the little ones tried to use the time honoured tie breaking technique of winning by shouting louder than their opponents. I have noticed that this technique also seems to work for politicians. If that would work amongst the little ones then Wee Small would win hands down.

Alas for her, fairer democratic methods were attempted, such as vote stacking. This technique works for politicians as well. Some of the little ones enrolled their toys to win the vote. There was a lot of yelling about how many billion times infinity votes there were for the two dinners, but unfortunately some of the toys got confused as to what they were voting for, particularly Manatee who voted for Spaghetti.

I don't think Manatee even likes Spaghetti.


humel said...

The electoral system is very confusing and, sadly, sometimes we do end up voting for someone or something we don't even like.... And yes, sometimes the consequences can include hunger. A useful life lesson for all concerned then?

Lizzie said...

Well, at least they had choices that they liked... it's hard to decide who to vote for, when you don't like any of them!
Manatee is right not to like spaghetti. Spaghetti is evil and gets stuck in a manatee's moustache.