Friday, September 17, 2010


Once again I have been called away from tummy mountain to do what I do in the wider world. It is always heartbreaking to see their little faces in tears as I leave.

"It is only for ten days, and then I will be back" I say to try and reassure them.
"Ten days!" they exclaim. I have just made it worse.

It is a strange thing that ten days is such a small amount of time when you are older, and forever when you are younger. Time is the same, just perception of time changes with age.

I long to run out in a golden field at the start of a day with nothing but hope and expectation and the knowledge that it is going to be another incredible day in that land where reality and imagination walk hand in hand.

That land is childhood.


humel said...

I think it's to do with proportions. 10 days is a larger proportion of a young life than it is of an older life. And, of course, everything looks bigger when you yourself are small.

I want to visit that land too, it sounds so exciting and inspiring and fun and safe and happy.... :-)

Lizzie said...

But isn't it wonderful to have all those Little Ones, who will share their special world with your, whenever you can make time to join in?
Enjoy your 10 "grown-up" days. I hope you can then have time to recharge with your Little Ones, before you need to go off into the Big World again.

Martha said...

I must agree with Humel. Time does seem to be proportionate. It is a good thing too, because it makes childhood so much more wonderful. Growing up happens too fast as it is and I am thankful that God chooses to slow it down when one is small.

TummyMountain said...

Childhood is the most magical time, and I feel honoured and privileged to be a guide perhaps to their little hearts and minds. I also I think Humel is right, and I think there is a second major thing that makes time so different for adults and children. All of our little ones always live in the present time, whereas we are always planning ahead, seeing the tasks ahead for the week, and reflecting on the past that has just gone, or even further back in our memories. We seem to be engaged with a larger slice of time in our daily lives, possibly making the present fleet by so quickly. The little ones live in the moment and to a major extent we do not. That is not to say that the little ones can't think ahead, or remember the past, just I would say in a smaller proportion to us.

I hope to return recharged, though I am certain that the rest of this year is just going to increase in intensity. I am already looking forward to next year when things will settle down and I can spend more time on tummy mountain. Which probably says a lot about how I am perceiving time at the moment.

Martha said...

I have been thinking on this time subject for the past couple of days. Is it possible for me to live in the moment once again? I'd like to slow life down a bit, but I don't want to lose my marbles doing it... Maybe that's the way it is in heaven and that is why it is called "eternity."