Friday, September 17, 2010


Once again I have been called away from tummy mountain to do what I do in the wider world. It is always heartbreaking to see their little faces in tears as I leave.

"It is only for ten days, and then I will be back" I say to try and reassure them.
"Ten days!" they exclaim. I have just made it worse.

It is a strange thing that ten days is such a small amount of time when you are older, and forever when you are younger. Time is the same, just perception of time changes with age.

I long to run out in a golden field at the start of a day with nothing but hope and expectation and the knowledge that it is going to be another incredible day in that land where reality and imagination walk hand in hand.

That land is childhood.

Friday, September 10, 2010


Gripping, and thrilling, and as I write this is still unresolved. In the spirit of Democracy the little ones had decided to have a vote amongst themselves about what kind of food they would like to go into their wee tummies for dinner.

Echoing the recent political circumstances of this country, the vote was divided evenly amongst those who wished for the healthy and invigorating tasty Laksa, and those who wished for the not so healthy at all but very tasty Bacon and Eggs (which would normally be a breakfast meal but when the little ones decide what they want for dinner, well, anything can happen.)

Initially when it was revealed that the vote was divided evenly, the little ones tried to use the time honoured tie breaking technique of winning by shouting louder than their opponents. I have noticed that this technique also seems to work for politicians. If that would work amongst the little ones then Wee Small would win hands down.

Alas for her, fairer democratic methods were attempted, such as vote stacking. This technique works for politicians as well. Some of the little ones enrolled their toys to win the vote. There was a lot of yelling about how many billion times infinity votes there were for the two dinners, but unfortunately some of the toys got confused as to what they were voting for, particularly Manatee who voted for Spaghetti.

I don't think Manatee even likes Spaghetti.

Sunday, September 5, 2010


A bright sunny day on Tummy Mountain and quite windy! Maybe the wind is bringing Spring ever closer. What I would love to do on such a day is to take a walk in the countryside. But we really have to so a bit of a spring cleaning.

I wander off to find the little ones to ask them to help. I am sure they will be pleased.
They are all sitting on an old chair in a field staring at the branches of a huge tree moving in the wind.

"If you have nothing to do you can help me" I say.
They start looking around desperately for a way out. Wee Smalls face brightens.
"I do have something to do!" replied Wee Small defiantly, "And that is looking at my foot!"

Well I have heard some excuses in my time, but that was certainly something new.

"Sometimes I wish I was a tree for the clean up" says The Little One with a wistful tone. "Trees don't have to clean anything."